It's Your Duty to Care

It's your duty to care, where your waste is going.

If you pay someone to take away your household rubbish or unwanted items, then to meet your Household Waste Duty of Care you must do the following:

1) Check that the person or company taking your rubbish is a registered waste carrier. You can check online by visiting

2) Always ask where your waste is going

If you don’t make these checks then you could receive a £300 fine. You can also be prosecuted, with an unlimited fine.

Fly-tipping Action Wales also recommends that you:

  • Record any checks that you make, including the operator’s registration number
  • Keep a receipt which includes a description of the waste and company used
  • Record details of the business or vehicle (registration, make, model, colour)

To learn more about following your duty of care please visit our Duty of Care information page.

For advice on how to dispose of your household rubbish and unwanted items safely, legally and responsibly please visit our householder advice page.

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