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Wales’ favourite influencers are stepping up to fight fly-tipping

We’ve teamed up with five of Wales’ favourite social media creators to share advice on disposing of waste responsibly, here’s what they have to say:

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Exposing the reality of waste crime, at Wales’ favourite beauty spots

Welsh hikers have been stopped in their tracks by shocking imagery of the realities of fly-tipping in Wales — and the impact it is having on the environment not far from their favourite beauty spots.

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Councils crack down on fly-tipping — as new figures show incidents decrease across Wales

New figures released today (16th November 2023) by Welsh Government and Fly-tipping Action Wales (FtAW) reveal a 4% decrease in fly-tipping

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Don’t get tricked this autumn — treat Wales’ environment with care

Autumn brings an abundance of festivities and ways to enjoy Wales’ boo-tiful landscapes — but did you know that doing some of these things could turn you into a pumpkin?

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Embrace summer responsibly — and avoid unintentional fly-tipping!

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the excitement of getting out and enjoying the best of Wales’ great outdoors. However, as temperatures soar, cases of “unintentional fly-tipping” do, too. 

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Could you fall victim to a ‘Facebook fly-tipper’?

We have created this guide of six things you can look out for, so you can spot a ‘Facebook fly-tipper’ before it’s too late.

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How to save money – and protect the environment – in 2023

For those of us hoping to take small actions to be more sustainable – while being money-conscious – we’ve put together a list of suggestions for how to reduce and dispose of your waste to keep budgets on track.

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Help us avoid fly-tipping this Christmas

Make sure your Christmas doesn’t become even more expensive by avoiding a £300 fine that can be issued if your household waste is found fly-tipped.

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Moving into a student home? Avoid being an unintentional fly-tipper.

Are you, your child or a relative heading off to university? Here’s our five top tips on how students can avoid being unintentional fly-tippers this academic year.

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Do you now know It’s Your Duty to Care?

We needed to find out whether members of the public were becoming more aware of the household Duty of Care over the years the campaign ran. Here’s how we got on…

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Protect the environment of Wales by disposing of your garden waste in the right way this summer

Did you know that disposing of your garden waste in the wrong way can be damaging to our wildlife and ecosystems? We all have a duty to care where our garden waste ends up.

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Consultation on the introduction of Digital Waste Tracking

The four UK governments and environment agencies are working together on a project to develop a UK-wide digital waste tracking service to capture information on the movement of waste.

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Tyre Tagging

The Newport Tyre Tagging scheme has been introduced to help drive down the number of fly-tipped tyres.

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New Video from the Duty of Care Campaign

New video released by Fly-tipping Action Wales, urging householders to follow their ‘Waste Duty of Care

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The people who DO want your waste this Christmas

Join us as we shine a spotlight on five incredible Welsh businesses, initiatives and charities who continue to play an important role in helping to reduce household waste, which in turn, helps to reduce the amount of fly-tipping in Wales.

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How-to: Re-use, Recycle, Re-home

This will help to reduce the amount of waste found in landfill, leave more room in your black bags for non-recyclable rubbish and help to reduce the amount of household waste found fly-tipped.

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How-to: Prepare for an increase in Household Waste this Christmas

Here are a few easy things you can do to plan ahead, all of which will help you deal with any excess ‘Christ-mess’ before it has even happened…

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Householders in Wales urged to steer clear of illegal rubbish removal operators advertising on social media during the Coronavirus Firebreak Lockdown

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£300 Fixed Penalty Notice Introduced to Help Prevent Fly-tipping

Local Authorities in Wales now have the ability to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to householders who have failed to meet their duty of care.

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