I'm a Trade Waste Carrier

If you're a trade waste carrier you must register with Natural Resources Wales. You can register on-line or contact Natural Resources Wales for further information on 0300 065 3000.

Carrying waste whilst not being registered could lead to prosecution and an unlimited fine.

There is a two tier system based on the level of risk. The Natural Resources Wales website will help you decide which level of registration is right for you.
Lower Tier

Lower Tier registration is free of charge and lasts indefinitely, and applies to you if you are:

  • a charity or voluntary organisation 
  • a waste collection authority 
  • a waste disposal authority  
  • a waste regulation authority 
  • a carrier who only transports waste produced by themselves (unless it is construction or demolition waste) 
  • a carrier who only transports, a broker who only arranges for the recovery or disposal of, or a dealer who only deals in:
  1. animal by-products
  2. waste from a mine or quarry
  3. waste from agricultural premises
Upper Tier

Upper Tier registration costs £154 and lasts for 3 years. This tier applies to you if you do not fall into any of the categories listed in the Lower Tier section above.

Remember to check the Waste Carriers, Broker and Dealers fact sheet before registering, the advice and carrier definitions provided above may not apply to you and are not to be taken as official guidance.

Scrap Metal Carriers

Under the scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, if you collect scrap metal you must also have a collectors licence with your Local Authority. This allows you to operate as a collector in the area of the issuing Local Authority. 

A separate licence has to be obtained from each Local Authority you wish to operate in and you must have a copy of the licence on display in your vehicle.  To find out more information on the application and fee, contact your Local Authority.

Click here to apply for a scrap metal carrier's licence.

You must complete a waste document like a transfer note for every load of waste you collect. The only exception is if it’s collected from a householder, however one must be completed when the waste is transferred on.

The following leaflet and fact sheet contains guidance on how to become a registered waste carrier and how to operate as a waste carrier legally, safely and responsibly.

Hazardous Waste Carriers

Due to the serious environmental implications of clearing and disposing of hazardous waste, these carriers have additional rules and regulations which must be adhered to, as well as standard waste carrier regulations.

When hazardous waste is moved to or from any location in Wales it needs to be accompanied by a hazardous waste consignment note which must be retained for 3 years.

Hazardous waste consignee returns must also be completed to inform Natural Resource Wales about the hazardous waste consignments that have been received, removed or disposed at a site. They are a compulsory requirement of the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

For further information and guidance on hazardous waste transport and disposal, visit the Natural Resources Wales website

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